What is the FCA?

FCA stands for Functional Clinical Assessment.  This is a hands on process that Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners use to allow the clients body “talk” to the practitioner.  It involves “palpating” or touching different reflex points on the clients body to assess it for nutritional deficiencies or system dysfunction.  It indicates to the practitioner where support is needed and also when the body is sufficient.  This allows the practitioner to tailor a bio-individual nutritional program for each client

What is LNT?  

LNT stands for Lingual-Neuro Testing.  Your body has an innate or “built in wisdom” of what nutrients it may need at any given time.  Unfortunately in our modern society we have lost that “connection” with our body to understand what to eat and when.  The LNT process is used in conjunction with the FCA.  When the practitioner finds a reflex point that is indicating support is needed they place an appropriate supplement on the clients tongue and retest the point.  If the supplement contains the needed nutrient the body responds in a positive way.  This is another aspect of the bio-individual approach to nutritional Therapy.